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Cryptocurrency landing platform

You are a world-class tech firm that offers cryptocurrency and blockchain development action, money, and experience. One day, you're approached by a cryptocurrency lending company Devblockex has a mission of creating a financial infrastructure that encourages the borrowing and lending of cryptocurrency assets. To make the code for programmers from scratch.


Lendingblock is the first institutional digital asset lending exchange between two blockchains

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be lent or borrowed in a completely decentralised and private manner.

Our clients are a diverse group of organizations that includes hedge funds, market makers, trading houses, and cryptocurrency exchanges

As the convergence of traditional finance with blockchain technology continues to take place, a new era of finance is emerging, Lendingblock is an infrastructure that would allow institutional investors to make everyday investment decisions without having to deal with the complexities of a digital asset.


The Lendingblock team had the idea for a platform that allows a secure and fully automated exchange of cryptocurrency values across the entire loan lifecycle

1. While the loan is not peer-to-peer, Lendingblock acts as a third-party security agent.

2. Full software development was needed to create the market, which was all underpinned by blockchain.

3. Due to this model, it was important to find a qualified and skilled IT team.


A full software development life cycle was needed to provide a design infrastructure to business.

• Lendingblock needed 150% certainty that the money stays secure throughout the loan lifecycle.

• Python - a simple, secure, and scalable language used throughout this complex project.

• DevOps services like containerization, microservices, automated deployment of logs etc.

• Backend is made up of many microservices, orchestrated by Kubernetes that is run on AWS.

• Create almost any text that begins with Frontend development using React and ECMAScript 2018.

• Internal testnets for BTC and ETH were created to test cross-platform E2E. It's a low-cost way to test without


• In contrast to the current loan industry, it sets a secure platform that is transparent and automated.

• The platform trades any type of asset.

• All of these purposes can be achieved through the platform.

Key functionalities

  • Life-cycle of the loan management

    One of the flagship features of the Lendingblock exchange is the precise management of the entire life-cycle of the loan. The centralized Order Book matches lenders and borrowers and allows both parties to choose their own terms. For each loan, collateral must be collected then closely monitored for market movements. An automated margin call allows customers to bring the collateral to the correct level.

  • Introducing crypto regulations

    Essential for Lendingblock’s success is understanding the main subject and guaranteeing its customers are protected. In addition, Gibraltar has gained in-principle regulatory approval from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Lendingblock is integrating with a number of trusted suppliers

  • AML/KYC compliance

    ChainAnalysis provides Lendingblock with the necessary KYC and AML. Integrating with Lendingblock’s sub-custodian Vo1t will add extra storage for collateral. Automated liquidation will be executed by a third party.

  • Warm wallet

    Lendingblock’s proprietary solution has been developed through the creation of a separate platform that, to this date, only allows a small. This warm wallet has no outgoing or incoming internet access, providing full security.