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Open NFT Technology

This is a technology which allows you to introduce NFTs with a secure marketplace swiftly. The solution is fast to deploy and infinitely customizable.




Alternative tokens have attained significance in the broader adoption of blockchain. Big names like Beeple and the NBA have helped this tech skyrocket in valuations, thanks to a crucial step. This reveals the potential NFTs can reach, and this gives a sense of hope for what is to come

The NFT is flourishing today and people are paying attention. It also has more money coming in. These are things worth taking advantage of, providing you work fast.

An NFT marketplace is a whi-tech. Introducing NFTs with a marketplace allows you to do that quickly and with all the features you need.


We wanted a solution that was secure, fast to deploy, and customizable.

The NFT Marketplace had to create the basic features for peer-to-peer trading and item discovery.

In order to use a white-label marketplace as an out-of-the box solution, it needs to be generic enough that minor customization. The UI should be customizable, but also stable.

We saw a potential for building a solution that would be properly secure and extensively tested, so it doesn’t compromise the benefits of Non-Fungible Tokens.

Key features & benefits

  • Ready to use

    NFT Markets is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell any type of NFT.

  • Marketplace listings

    The platform allows you to browse available items, see what’s hot, and what has been added recently

  • Secondary marketplace

    An owner can put a NFT on auction, and others can offer to buy or sell the asset.

  • Platform commissions

    You can set up a platform commission fee according to your business idea to profit from each transaction on your marketplace.

  • Wallet integration

    The Algo Wallet and Algo Signer can store NFTs securely while giving you control over those items.

  • Stablecoin support

    The platform is supported by Algorand, which makes it easy for people to get on the platform and exchange tokens.