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The last couple of years are evident enough on how cryptocurrency has found its footing as the secure form of digital trading, especially using transparent transactions. These remarkable benefits have led many startups and well-established enterprises eyeing to launch their cryptocurrencies to reconstruct their traditional financial model. These currencies are later bought by worldwide users on crypto exchange platforms. The gradual boost in cryptocurrencies has also established it as an ideal investment option. This crypto wave has traders around the world inclining towards crypto exchange software to make the most of the favorable market conditions via investing in these digital currencies. This drive has given rise to the prospering demands for cryptocurrency exchange software development. Whether you own a leading industry business or an individual looking to build your own crypto startup,tap into the wide user base and unleash new revenue sources for yourself.

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Our white label cryptocurrency exchange is fortified with the following features to offer world-class performance

Key Features of our White Label Crypto Exchange Technology


High TPS (Transactions per second)

As TPS significantly influences the trading experience, our white label exchange software offers up to 100,000 transactions per second to excel trading experience.


Powerful Trade Engine

Our supreme trading engine keeps track of buy and sells orders with minimum jitters.


Multi-currency Wallet

A multi-currency wallet works well to secure storage and seamless transaction for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.


Multi-layer Security

Our multi-layer security solutions include encrypted user access, fund withdrawal limits, and 2-way authentication, among many others.


Liquidity Option

A trustworthy API connection with different exchanges helps to ensure liquidity. Moreover, it's highly beneficial in a scenario where the buyer finds it hard to get the right seller.


Crypto and Fiat Support

Our white label exchange supports a multitude of currencies, including fiat and cryptocurrencies. The scalable architecture facilitates the integration of any currency into the exchange.



Geography-based identity verification is used while withdrawing a huge number of cryptocurrencies.


Referral and Reward Program

Referral and reward program is introduced in our program module for easy distribution of rewards to the users.


Multi-Language Support

The application user interface offers multi-language support for maximum outreach of cryptocurrencies at a global scale.


Bot Trading

Our bot trading feature seizes every single opportunity of asset trading, irrespective of the user's availability for trading.


Advanced Chart Tools

A trading interface with advanced charting functionality allows the user to view orders, positions, and annotate their strategy.